Pat Martin apologizes to Racknine

APOLOGY on Behalf of Patrick Martin and the NDP to Mr. Matt Meier and RackNine Inc.

On February 23, 2012, I appeared before the national media to speak in response to the important issue of “Robocalls” in the 2011 general election. At that time I expressed my personal outrage along with the outrage of the caucus of the official opposition upon learning about the serious allegations of electoral fraud.

In making my statement on February 23, 2012, I singled out a private individual, Mr. Matt Meier along with his business RackNine Inc. and I wrongfully accused them of being part of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud. In the days following, I repeated this accusation a number of times to the media and on national television. My party, the NDP, also raised concerns about the possibility of RackNine having committed electoral fraud through postings on its website. The NDP indicated on the party website that if news reports that seemed to draw a link between the calls and RackNine were true, these activities were prohibited by the Canada Elections Act and merited investigation.

I now know that the statements I made insinuating Mr. Meier’s and RackNine’s participation in an electoral fraud conspiracy were wholly and unequivocally false. In my rush to express my personal outrage and the outrage of the NDP caucus, I jumped to conclusions I now know are unsupported by fact. I would like to take this opportunity to correct several of my errors in order to clear Mr. Meier’s personal reputation along with the business reputation of RackNine.

1. To my knowledge, neither Mr. Meier, nor RackNine, including any employees of RackNine, has ever been investigated for involvement in electoral fraud in the 2011 general election or otherwise.

2. RackNine provides a legitimate automated call service similar to services used by many political parties.

3. RackNine was merely an innocent intermediary not a participant in electoral fraud.

I apologize for any damage my statements may have caused to Mr. Meier personally or to RackNine, and I have been specifically authorized by the NDP to apologize on behalf of the NDP for any similar damage the publications on the NDP website may have caused.

It appears that Racknine is still proceeding with their lawsuit against Pat Martin.

Pat Martin statement to Campaign Research

From: NDP/NPD Communications
Sent: March 7, 2012 5:00 PM
To: NDP/NPD Communications
Subject: Statement by MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) // Déclaration du député Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre)

Statement by MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre)

On Sunday, February 26, 2012, I appeared as a guest on the CTV Question Period program. In the course of that broadcast, I made certain comments dealing with the allegations of voter tampering at the 41st federal general election of May 2, 2011, that seem to have been misunderstood by the corporate officers in charge of Campaign Research Inc, an Ottawa-based company. Today, I would like to clarify my remarks.

I did not accuse Campaign Research Inc. of having engaged in criminal activity in respect of robo-calls during the Spring 2011 election campaign, nor did I intend to convey that meaning. My exact remarks were to the effect that this is a company, meaning one of a number of companies, of a size and organizational capacity as to be able to have engaged in strategies to influence the outcome of the election. In fact, the concluding part of my comments was: “So I would hope the investigators look at the other contractors that are working for the Conservative Party.”

As a Member of Parliament, I not only have the right, but indeed the obligation, to comment on current issues vital to democracy and to the conduct of public affairs.

Pat Martin
Member of Parliament
Winnipeg Centre

Déclaration du député Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre)

Le dimanche 26 février 2012, j’ai participé à titre d’invité à l’émission Question Period diffusée à CTV. Lors de cette émission, j’ai fait certains commentaires concernant des allégations de fraude électorale lors de la 41e élection générale du 2 mai 2011 qui semblent avoir été mal interprétés par les responsables de Campaign Research Inc., une compagnie d’Ottawa. Aujourd’hui, je voudrais clarifier mes propos.

Je n’ai pas accusé Campaign Research Inc. de s’être livré à des activités criminelles dans l’affaire des appels téléphoniques robotisés lors de la campagne électorale du printemps 2011 et je n’ai pas non plus tenté de transmettre cette idée. Mes propos exacts étaient que cette entreprise, comme d’autres, avait la taille et la capacité organisationnelle de participer à des stratégies visant à influencer le résultat d’une élection. En fait, la dernière partie de mon commentaire était : « Alors, j’espère que les enquêteurs s’attarderont aux autres entreprises qui travaillent pour le Parti conservateur. »

En tant que député, je n’ai pas seulement le droit, mais aussi le devoir de commenter des enjeux d’actualité qui sont importants pour la démocratie et les affaires publiques.

Pat Martin
Member of Parliament
Winnipeg Centre