Stephen Harper in Kingston

Yesterday, I met Stephen Harper in my riding of Kingston and the Islands. Mr. Harper was recruiting support for his leadership campaign and he addressed a room full of about 80 people. His speech was interesting and straightforward, underscoring his capability and accomplishments as Leader of the Opposition. In his speech, he informed us that Canadians have told him that the leadership race should not be a competition, but a choice. Indeed, I have always believed that the leadership candidates should focus on attacking the Liberals instead of each other. In my opinion, the victor should be the one who most effectively does this. However, I am confused as to why Stephen Harper would endorse Lois Brown, a nomination contestant in Belinda Stronach’s riding.

Memorable moments: At one point during the evening, a member of the audience asked Mr. Harper to differentiate himself from the other candidates. Stephen Harper replied, in jest, that he is “male and tall”. Another memorable moment came when John Reynolds promised that if I get my nomination, they’d get me elected and on my way to Ottawa because the Liberal Party is falling apart across the country.

Speaking of which, the Harper event was the official kick-off of my campaign. I worked the room talking to members about the leadership race and their concerns. At the end of the evening, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Globe and Mail.

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I’m in

Hello! I’m glad that you’ve found your way to my website. Since you are here you must share my interest in changing Ottawa for the better and for making government work for you, the taxpayer, instead of the other way around.

My name is Stephen Taylor and I’m seeking the nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada for Kingston and the Islands. In conversations with other Canadians and particularly Kingstonians, I have heard how disappointed most of us are in our current government and how we must seek change.

The unification of the Conservative Party of Canada presents us with a unique opportunity for democratic change in this country. No longer will principled conservatives sit on the side-lines or feel that their vote doesn’t count. No longer will this country’s politics be uncompetitive and conducive to voter apathy. Indeed, the Conservative Party of Canada presents a viable alternative to the Liberal party so that Canada will no longer suffer from a so-called “democratic deficit”.

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in biochemistry this year at Queen’s University. Kingston has been my homebase for the past five years and my family has had roots in this community during the past three generations. This city has a historical significance to Canada and to the Conservative party that Canadians appreciate and that we, as Kingstonians, truly cherish. Indeed, the limestone city was the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister and father of the Conservative Party, Sir John A. MacDonald.

My experiences as a biochemist have lent me incredible opportunities for which I am grateful. In 2002, I was employed by the University of Notre Dame as a malaria researcher where I investigated the particular genetic contribution of a particular gene that causes drug-resistance in the new harmful strains that permeate throughout the developing world. Last year, in Ottawa, I had the opportunity to work on a team developing a novel gene therapy approach for the treatment of prostate cancer.

I would be honoured if you would consider me to be your voice in Ottawa. As your representative, I would spend my time, while not in Ottawa, living in Kingston so that I may be more attentive to the needs of its constituents. This party is based upon its grassroots and it is my sincere hope that you will help us bring responsible government to Ottawa. I believe that I would bring an invigorated approach to politics on Parliament Hill.

Stephen Taylor
(613) 540-2001

CPC founding meeting

I attended the founding meeting of the Conservative Party of Canada for the electoral district of Kingston and the Islands. I would estimate that approximately 250 showed up to establish the new organization.

I met a lot of former members of the Progressive Conservative party and former members of the Canadian Alliance. Everyone seemed enthusiastic to start the process of making this Conservative Party of Canada a veritable force against the Liberal incumbent Peter Milliken and his Liberal leader, Paul Martin.

During the meeting, I was nominated and subsequently elected to the board of directors. A couple of other Queen’s students were also elected to the board along with a student from St. Lawrence college and two others from RMC. I summarized my enthusiasm for this showing of youth interest in our party during my short address to the members. I pledged to get more youth involved as I believe that this party does represent many of the concerns of youth voters. I am confident that my belief is shared by the soon-to-be-declared leadership candidate Belinda Stronach. While not much is known politically about this contender, she has been a motivator of youth to get involved within the political process. Her “As Prime Minister” essay contest is testament to this very fact.

Finally, I learned something else at the meeting. While older people may be hesitant to accept the political involvement of youth, once they know that you are very energetic and enthusiastic they have nothing but sincere encouragement and enthusiasm themselves.