The War on Thought Error at Queen’s University

Another tale of PC gone amok
Queen’s new ‘dialogue’ monitors

To the students of Queen’s University,

Our school has, in recent years, been infiltrated by subversives who would pollute this academic environment with their improper thinking, “free speech”, and conversations behind closed doors.

The rogue agents who threaten our society must be brought to justice for their crimes. We must be ever vigilant in this war of ideologies. We must smoke out thought offenders wherever they dwell, unleash a campaign of shock and awe on their reputations and commence an operation of enduring freedom against their freedom to offend.

Queen’s has a reputation as a modern liberal university. The evil-doers have perverted the liberal faith to their own ends calling their followers to fight under a banner of free-speech. Queen’s is at risk of descending into sectarian violence as the so-called freedom fighters terrorize the feelings and post-modern sensibilities of the student body. Queen’s should ‘liberated’ rather than ‘liberal’ and when the thought insurgents are defeated, students will greet us as liberators.

For the errorists that offend us and those who ought to find offense, we have left their reputations in utter ruin, made them know that they shall find no safe quarter and have questioned their freedom from imprisonment. Some have condemned this campaign as a “disproportionate response”, however, let there be no doubt, in a post-9/11 world where the self-esteem of the marginalized victims of the neo-conservative heteronommative colonial imperialists were attacked under a clear-blue sky on a Tuesday morning, we must be ever-vigilant. Either you are with us, or you are with the thought errorists.

What to do with the subversives who disrupt our order? Thought errorists with potential information as to the locations and activities of other speech insurgents will be subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques”. Their leaders will be put into a number of stress positions which include calling for resignations in the Queen’s Journal, debasing their names online and most importantly, forcing the abandonment of their neo-liberal views followed by full reprogramming (please vote “yes” in the upcoming referendum on the proposed thought errorist re-education mandatory student fee).

Appeasers of liberal fundamentalists will readily point out that some errorists have recognized their mistakes and have apologized. However, if they (or anyone) has the ability to offend again, the emotional freedoms of we the drum-circling, pachouilli-burning, self-loathing truth-speakers are at risk. I call for all Queen’s students to rise up against the errorist threat, whether you are a victim of American hegemony, an empathetically marginalized philosophy major or if you simply harbour guilt that your father is the vice-president of TD bank and is paying your tuition. Together, we can turn Queen’s from a place where a diversity of ideas are debated to an institution where the lives of those whose thoughts do not conform to our standard are destroyed.

We stand united against thought error, indeed against those that are an affront to the collective single-mindedness of the student body. Though they have infiltrated our governments at many levels, their thought crimes are not representative of the student body. All students must stand against these abominations to the new world social order. When the Society of Graduate and Professional Students unilaterally spoke with one voice against Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, they did so bravely standing against a majority of thought errorists in the graduate student population. The SGPS did not speak for all students, but they spoke against the errorists and we salute their tough stand. We are heartened to see the counter-errorist troops in the SGPS fighting to gain a thought foothold among graduate students. Once they do, proper thinking will spread like wildfire to all students in all nations. Agents from the elite dialogue facilitation division have been deployed to correct thought among those who still harbour errorist sympathies. Room 101 of the John Deutsch University Centre has been allocated for dialogue readjustment.

It is the hour of our calling, and for those that hear it, they will stand to serve in defence of all that is just and right by our collective voice. We must stand against the evil of offense wherever it shows its face and stand ready to uproot it wherever the seeds of thought error are sown.

May the non-denominational post-deistic spirit of the Queen’s collective bless you all.


I’m in

Hello! I’m glad that you’ve found your way to my website. Since you are here you must share my interest in changing Ottawa for the better and for making government work for you, the taxpayer, instead of the other way around.

My name is Stephen Taylor and I’m seeking the nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada for Kingston and the Islands. In conversations with other Canadians and particularly Kingstonians, I have heard how disappointed most of us are in our current government and how we must seek change.

The unification of the Conservative Party of Canada presents us with a unique opportunity for democratic change in this country. No longer will principled conservatives sit on the side-lines or feel that their vote doesn’t count. No longer will this country’s politics be uncompetitive and conducive to voter apathy. Indeed, the Conservative Party of Canada presents a viable alternative to the Liberal party so that Canada will no longer suffer from a so-called “democratic deficit”.

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in biochemistry this year at Queen’s University. Kingston has been my homebase for the past five years and my family has had roots in this community during the past three generations. This city has a historical significance to Canada and to the Conservative party that Canadians appreciate and that we, as Kingstonians, truly cherish. Indeed, the limestone city was the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister and father of the Conservative Party, Sir John A. MacDonald.

My experiences as a biochemist have lent me incredible opportunities for which I am grateful. In 2002, I was employed by the University of Notre Dame as a malaria researcher where I investigated the particular genetic contribution of a particular gene that causes drug-resistance in the new harmful strains that permeate throughout the developing world. Last year, in Ottawa, I had the opportunity to work on a team developing a novel gene therapy approach for the treatment of prostate cancer.

I would be honoured if you would consider me to be your voice in Ottawa. As your representative, I would spend my time, while not in Ottawa, living in Kingston so that I may be more attentive to the needs of its constituents. This party is based upon its grassroots and it is my sincere hope that you will help us bring responsible government to Ottawa. I believe that I would bring an invigorated approach to politics on Parliament Hill.

Stephen Taylor
(613) 540-2001