Ottawa abuzz

Ottawa is trying to figure out what to make of Prime Minister Stephen Harper holding his first-ever press conference with the media located in the National Press Theatre… the domain of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Speculation is that it must be a significant announcement since it comes at the beginning of a new session of Parliament. The Prime Minister must want to underline something important for him to make such a move.

This press conference comes at the heels of serious hemorrhaging in the Liberal Party with candidates abandoning Mr. Dion and the forced firing of the Liberal leader’s close adviser and national party director.

Harper, of course, will not be calling an election because of legislation passed by the Conservative government on fixed election dates.

I cannot imagine that the announcement with describe any serious policy concession to the Opposition because it seems that not one of the parties on those benches wants to go into an election.

The press conference is to take place at 3:45pm.