New Blogging Tories Podcasts!

I’ve got a number of podcasts coming up for Blogging Tories visitors.

I’ve snagged a number of interviews from CFRA concerning the Governor General designate, Michaelle Jean.

The first podcast however focusses on gas prices as Pierre Poilievre answers callers and discusses the CPC transit plan.

Onto the GG, Pierre Poilievre raises questions about Michaelle Jean’s alleged ties to the terrorist FLQ in the second podcast.

The third podcast is an interview with Stephen Harper concerning Ms. Jean’s alleged ties to separatism.

Finally, a fourth podcast with John Aimers of the Monarchist League discussing the latest information on our Governor General designate.

You can tune into the podcasts by subscribing to the Blogging Tories podcast feed (instructions here).

Or, you can listen to the podcasts on our channel on Odeo.

Put the Tory Transit Calculator on your site!

Attention Blogging Tories! The Conservative Party of Canada has released their transit plan which includes tax relief for users of public transit. The party has created a transit calculator, which I’ve modified below for integration into Blogging Tories member blogs (or for anyone else that’s interested). If you’d like to put the transit calculator in the sidebar (or anywhere else) on your website, please copy and paste the full code below. Please leave the entire code intact as we’d like to encourage others to put this calculator on their sites.