Asked and answered

Here is the new leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair in his first Question Period as leader of the opposition,

Questions about middle-class jobs. That was only a few days ago.

This morning, Statscan had welcome news for Canadians,

OTTAWA – After months of stagnant or even falling employment, Canada’s economy began churning out jobs again last month — and in a big way — adding 82,300 workers to the labour force.

The eye-popping gain, almost all in full-time work, was about eight times economists’ expectations and dropped the unemployment rate two notches to 7.2 per cent.

Of those numbers, 70,000 of those jobs are full-time.

Of course, if the NDP had their way their would sap the Canadian economy of its ability to attract investment and capital.

Anyhow, Thomas Mulcair’s NDP released a new ad this morning as well. Mulcair promises to build a more green and prosperous economy. Unfortunately for him, today was not the best of days to release an ad contrasting his economic vision with that of the real economy.

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Things the Liberals could have done

The Liberals ripped you off – what term do they deserve

Liberal Gun Registry

Paul Martin’s flip flops and inability to make a decision

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