Alberta’s Wildrose way out ahead

Polling done by market research firm Campaign Research was completed last night in Alberta and the results are no short of stunning.

The details:
– Wildrose is leading the PC Party by 9 points across the province among decided voters
– 18,000 households called, 924 responses
– Wildrose leads PC is 49%-25% among men
– PC leads wildrose 34%-30% among women
– Wildrose leads in Calgary and Rural areas
– In Edmonton: PC 28%, WR 23%, NDP 23%, LPA 18%
– Smith leads Redford for “Best Premier” by 3 points

Campaign Research, usually known for internal party polling with conservatives parties in Canada, is about to publicly release this poll. CR had the polling accurate in the Toronto mayoral race and predicted a majority government for the federal Conservatives early. In the 2011 Ontario election they had the seat projection accurate and were off by only one seat.

UPDATE: Here are the poll details