NDP launches attack ad

Here is the New Democrats latest offering pre-writ. It goes right after Stephen Harper and features a military drum beat reminiscent of the 2006 Liberal ads which warned of “soldiers with guns, in our streets”.

If the NDP is to have success in this election, they’ll need to wage war on two fronts. This salvo is aimed at the Conservatives to show their base that they’re the ones who will fight and oppose the Conservatives in Ottawa. Watch for some ads by the NDP attacking Liberal leader Stephane Dion in the future.

The Liberals will likely restart their “think twice, vote Liberal” campaign in order to warn swing Liberal-NDP voters to go Liberal to prevent Stephen Harper from becoming, er um being Prime Minister. This argument won’t be as effective as last time because most of Stephen Harper’s agenda was passed because Stephane Dion sat on his hands. Jack Layton will push the message that he won’t abstain from casting judgment on Stephen Harper’s agenda and will oppose it when it goes against the “progressive” values that the left-wing Liberals and NDP support.