My thoughts on being an MP

Yes, this post will detail my thoughts on being an MP. Or rather, my thoughts on being perceived as an MP. The structure of this post is for the benefit, or rather to the detriment, of people who don’t read past headlines, past titles, or don’t know how to read properly at all. This post is to clarify ambiguity, but at the same time for my own amusement, to perpetuate it as well.

You see, I’m not an MP. I have never been an MP nor have I run in an election to become an MP.

Some people out there have misperceived my status (or lack thereof) in Parliament. This has actually been somewhat amusing for me but I have never gone out of my way to mislead people on this. In fact, I seek clarity, not ambiguity on my actual status (however, I do concede that the title of this post may be working against me in this regard).

While I’m on the topic, my name is Stephen Taylor, not Stephen Harper. I am not the Leader of the Opposition nor the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. I have a fairly good ranking on Google for “Conservative Party of Canada”, mostly because the title of my site describes me as a “Conservative Party of Canada pundit” and partly because I keep saying “Conservative Party of Canada” in this sentence. My high ranking for “Conservative Party of Canada” (last one, I swear) perhaps has drawn some people to this website looking to contact that other Stephen. As a result, I have received some emails from Canadians wishing to express their comments to Mr. Harper. Take this one for example from a guy named Grant:

Mr. Harper

Your actions are childish and unfit of a want to be leader. The people of Canada don’t want another election now, not until the Gommery report is out. If now all you will do is make the Bloc a much much stronger party and then what?

A 40 year resident of Quebec.

I debated on whether or not to forward this email to Stephen Harper so that he could be informed of the dire consequences of an early election call, but I decided to be childish so I ignored the email and made myself a grilled-cheese sandwich.

I’ve also received some emails that were incoherant and that go in all kinds of loopy directions. I can only begin to imagine the types of emails that they receive at the OLO.

As my number is listed on this website, a highlight was the voicemail that I received from the leader of the “Canadian Workers Party” informing me of his displeasure that my MPs were going to vote against the NDP budget C-48 which “has a lot of good money in there for people”. Sorry comrade, you got the wrong number.

So, once more for the sake of clarity, I am not a Member of Parliament, nor am I the Leader of the Opposition. But, please… continue to send me your amusing emails!