CTV watch – bias

Watch CTV news tonight with Lloyd Robertson and you’ll see a story concerning a confidence vote coming next week on the NDP budget C-48.

Craig Oliver said that Conservatives are upset on the Liberals reneging on promising to delay the SSM bill C-38 in exchange for support for the budget bills.

This is dishonest

The Conservatives said that they would allow C-48 to come to a vote before the summer break in exchange for delay on a vote on the SSM bill. Conservatives have never said that they would support C-48. Craig Oliver should know this detail. He’s on the Hill each and every day and sure pays more attention to these kinds of things than I do.

Another point of bias comes when Oliver and Robertson muse that the Conservatives believe they have a better chance now at electoral success than after Gomery, because they believe that Martin will be found to have no connection to Adscam, which “many Canadians believe”. How dishonest.

Finally, Robertson echoes a Liberal talking point when he underlines that the Conservatives are inconveniencing everyone by potentially defeating the government next week.

“There goes our summer vacation”, Robertson laments as he closes the report.