Conservatives stand up for cattle farmers


From the Globe and Mail:

A group of federal Conservatives said Monday they have won the right to make their voices heard next month in a U.S. court case that will decide how long the U.S. border stays closed to Canadian beef.

In a statement, the group said the court has agreed to accept an amicus curiae — friend of the court — brief during a July 27 hearing in which a Montana judge will hear arguments on whether a temporary injunction on younger cattle and beef should be made permanent.

I remember watching the Conservative news conference break on Newsworld over a month ago. Post news conference analysis by Don Newman and Jim Travers was pessimistic and cynical. “A long shot” and “Political positioning” was the analysis.

Perhaps it was a long shot, but the Conservatives have just accomplished more for cattle farmers than the Liberal government has in a long time.

Operation “Do The Government’s Work, But Better” is underway.