Warren Kinsella’s stock rising

Warren Kinsella’s stock is rising… well at least with me. Not only did he sustain my weekly traffic levels over the weekend by linking my “gutting” of the Ethics Commissioner (thanks Warren), but he writes a fair and quite positive article about Stephen Harper in today’s National Post. At the end of the day, after the battle, it’s reassuring to know that decency and civility still exists among gentlemen.

Warren gives Stephen Harper some free constructive advice about the summer BBQ tour and on future strategy. Here are some highlights of his column.

Reading the papers, this week, all of us have noted that the Conservative Party has decided to get Stephen Harper out on the political barbecue circuit to help other Canadians to see what my family and I saw: namely, that he’s a good guy. He’s honest, he’s decent, and he’s not a vindictive old man.

[I’m one of the] many Liberals who feels the Canadian democratic experiment needs a stronger Conservative Party.

Start talking, and looking, like you like the place. Then the voters will let you run it. Canada is the greatest country in the world. Start saying so.

I was thinking about this on the weekend actually. While in opposition it is one’s job to point out the faults of the government and to scrape at them each and every day in Question Period. The Conservative Party has done an excellent job of this, but as we ramp up to an election its time to switch from “Official Opposition” mode and into “Government in Waiting mode”. Conservatives have a positive platform, we need to offer it.

Fire the Nervous Nellies, strap on a set of gonads, and fight like your lives depend on it. And quit the kvetching in public.

Again, great advice. I believe that the blogosphere has partial responsibility here. We must begin to rail against newspapers for using anonymous sources for quotes. This is journalistic dishonesty and the blogosphere needs to catch up. As for fighting for our lives. Yes, whenever we approach the brink of success, we either get nervous or shoot ourselves in the foot. We need to stop doing both.

Stephen Harper should promote the fact that his caucus — which is younger, and more ethnically diverse than the governing party’s — has come up with a platform that is moderate, centrist, and packed with great ideas about how to make a great country even greater.

This has been a Conservative talking point for a while, however, it has largely gone unheard or perhaps it has not been spoken with appropriate emphasis.

And, if the best man does indeed win in the end, that’s something I — and a lot of other Liberals — can live with. For a little while.

Stephen Harper — best man for the job.

I agree.