One more Belinda post

Ok, I too am tired of all of the BS news that has been floating around on the airwaves and on newsprint. But, here’s a letter to the editor of the National Post from the President of the Conservative Newmarket-Aurora EDA who, of course, feels betrayed. Let’s hope it’s the last BS post for a while.

National Post

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

As president of the Newmarket/ Aurora Electoral District Association for the Conservative Party of Canada, I find the stunning hypocrisy of Belinda Stronach’s defection to the Liberal party breathtaking. She did not consult with her political base — either the riding association or the voters in the riding. She also did not, according to her own statements during the press conference with the Prime Minister, spend much time reflecting on her decision, as she said her deliberations only began a few days before, after a conversation with former Liberal premier David Peterson.

Nonetheless, I still consider her a friend. And as a friend, I can neither understand her actions nor condone them. She has chosen to join a party that only a week prior she had vowed to defeat. Her concerns about Conservatives helping Quebec separatists are both misguided and without merit.

What is particularly galling is that, in addition to being made Minister of Human Resources, Ms. Stronach is now responsible for democratic renewal. If it were not for the seriousness of her actions, it would be laughable.

I feel for the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of Conservative voters who put their faith and trust in her as our Conservative member of parliament. However, our riding association is moving forward.

I urge all voters in our riding — at the next opportunity — to make Ms. Stronach a “private” citizen once again.

Stephen Somerville, president, Newmarket/Aurora Electoral District Association, Conservative Party of Canada.