NDP gloats over budget

It’s that time again, when I dust off an email from the NDP from the bottom of my inbox and read out the comedic gems that lie within. (I get email from all of the parties, just to keep track of the spin. The NDP emails are always the most entertaining to read).

Remember when we labelled the budget the “NDP budget” to underscore how the Liberals sold out to Buzz and friends? Well the NDP uses this term too to boast about their ‘awesome’ power over Paul Martin.

(email dated May 20th)

Last night history was made as the House of Commons adopted the first ever NDP federal budget bill.

The NDP’s better balanced budget amends the original Liberal budget by deferring $4.6 billion in corporate taxes and invests that money into people and the environment.

Yay for people! Yes folks, it’s an NDP budget! Is this the government that you voted for?

Then they offer up some selective quotes from the media!

“In the next federal election — whenever it is held — NDP voters won’t flee to the Liberals for fear of wasting their votes. Instead, Liberal support will bleed to the NDP, the party that knows what it wants. The party that gets things done.” — John Ibbitson, Globe and Mail (April 27, 2004)

and this one will have Ralph Goodale, well, thankful that he’s still got his cabinet limo:

“[Jack Layton] has had so much influence now on a budget, more influence than members of the Liberal caucus, for instance. He has totally changed Martin’s agenda. He’s had more influence than Ralph Goodale.” — Jane Taber, Canada AM (April 27, 2005)

Yes folks, they’re gloating! And then those silly dippers get dilusional along with the Globe and Mail…

“NDP Leader Jack Layton was looking positively prime ministerial when he announced yesterday’s agreement with the Liberals.” — Editorial, Globe and Mail (April 27, 2005)

Oh, those wacky guys/girls at the NDP! Canadians must think that the NDP is just adorable for their David vs. Goliath spin on everything.

And while the Honourable members from gumdrop-land and tofu-junction are playing accountant, over 300,000 jobs are lost!

Thank the Liberals for the NDP budget and thank Jack Layton for keeping a corrupt government in power so it can accomplish the corruption that Canadians sent it there to do!