The Shameful Liberal Environmental Record

I’ll just sit back and let the headline in the Globe and Mail do the talking:

Pollution rising in Canada, declining in U.S., watchdog finds

“But how can Canada fail at something so noble and so just as environmental protection, especially in comparison with the big bad United States”, you might say? Well, sorry to shake your myopic Liberal-induced self-aggrandizing worldview, but it seems George W. Bush is doing more to reduce environmental pollution than Canada’s Liberal Party.

Check it…

The direct release of dangerous pollutants — including lead — into the environment increased by 5 per cent in Canada during a five-year study period, the Commission for Environmental Co-operation of North America reported yesterday.

During the same period, on-site pollution levels in the United States decreased by 14 per cent, said the commission, which the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico established to monitor North American environmental trends.

Some truth is offered to counter the Liberals’ Canadian bedtime story:

The study’s conclusions, therefore, will surprise those who believe the rhetoric of Canadian politicians, said John Bennett of the Sierra Club of Canada.

(Yes, that Sierra Club)

“Our politicians talk a better game” about cleaning up the environment, he said. “But when the Americans act, they usually act much more strongly.”

In fact, U.S. anti-pollution laws, especially the federal Clean Air Act, have been more effective than Canada’s patchwork of federal and provincial regulations, he added.

This record is shameful and we, as Canadians, must demand better from our government to reduce environmental pollution. The Conservative Party of Canada proposed a “made in Canada clean air initiative” last year during the federal election campaign. It’s time to take another look at a real plan for environmental protection, instead of the Liberal plan which, in practice, does little to reduce environmental pollutants and buys billions of dollars worth of carbon dioxide credits from India and China.