CPC Talking points

Ok, time shift the focus from “The Liberals have lost the moral authority to govern”.

My suggestion to fellow CPC spinners in the blogosphere and on tv/radio is to pretend as if the statement above is already a known fact among all Canadians. Do not say it as if you’re trying to convince anyone of this statement.

Instead say it matter-of-factly:

“Well Peter, everyone knows that the Liberal party is ready to be shelved away”
and make this matter-of-fact statement the truth for Canadians by backing it up with modest honesty.

“Well Peter, everyone wants change in government, to replace the Liberals, however the Conservative Party needs to offer Canadians a better choice and we’re working everyday to bring our message of change to the country.”

Yes, we can still say that the Liberals are corrupt. Just don’t do it in a “I need to convince you of this tone”. Shift it to a “I’m just setting the context of what we’re talking about tone so I can bring an honest and constructive vision that the Conservative Party can offer” type of tone.

“Well Lloyd, everyone and their brother knows wants their government to be free of criminal activity, here’s what we’re doing to help Canadians take their country back…”