Frank McKenna watch

I’ve learned via sources close to Frank McKenna that he’ll be having dinner with supporter, trusted advisers and longtime friends in Fredericton tonight.  Is the former Premier of New Brunswick gathering a team to run for the Liberal leadership?

RELATED: Steve Maher of the Halifax Chronicle Herald reports this morning,

On Nov. 25, [Bill] Clinton will join Mr. McKenna in the Moncton Coliseum for a talk on the world economy. When Mr. McKenna set that up, midway through this election campaign, he would have been able to guess that Mr. Dion was in the middle of losing the election.

Current Liberal leader Stephane Dion called a press conference earlier today for Monday where he is expected to announce that he’ll be stepping down. Apparently, he has been delayed in his announcement as he has been negotiating the transfer of his debt to the Liberal Party as a condition of his cooperative departure from Stornoway.