BREAKING – Grits to walk out

I’m hearing a rumour that the Liberals are going to walk out of Question Period today in protest of Stephen Harper’s reading of that Vancouver Sun article yesterday which cast a shadow on the reputation of Liberal MP Navdeep Bains.

If the House cannot function as it should in a democracy, how can we get a democratic solution the important issues surrounding this debate (Air India, Anti-terrorism act)?

The Grits should stay and debate. After all, I once heard that 15 minutes of time in the House of Commons costs taxpayers $75,000.

UPDATE: The rumour turned out to be untrue.

UPDATE: Well… not exactly. I’ve learned a bit more. The Grits were indeed going to walk out of Question Period. That is, however, until Stephen Harper came down the stairs, flanked by members of the Air India families and then scrummed with reporters (which is rare). Likely not wanting to offend the families (which would sit in the gallery during Question Period and hold a press conference at the National Press Theater to back Harper’s position on the Anti-Terrorism Act provisions) the Liberals in the opposition lobby filed into, and stayed, in the House for Question Period.


Looks like my original buzz on Bains was right. I just spoke to the man himself and he’s supporting Dion. I’m sitting here in the main hall waiting for delegates to vote on the final ballot. They almost ran out of time with too many people waiting to vote. They’ve extended the time by 10 minutes. That’s a good thing or else there would have been a riot.


Wells and I must of heard the same BS.

Now I hear that Lapierre isn’t going Dion. I asked Chantel Hebert her opinion on that rumour and she said it could never be true. Hebert again shows her remarkable wisdom on convention floor talk and media rumours.

CBC is now reporting that Kennedy Indo-Canadian organizers (including Bains) is going Ignatieff.