Paul Martin is seeking a “mandate”

timhortons.jpgWith every day that passes, it seems more and more likely that we’ll be heading into an early spring election. Indeed, Paul Martin was on the pre-campaign trail today looping through eastern Ontario ‘pressing-the-flesh’, as they say. Indicative of any campaign is the round-table discussions with Canadians at the local Tim Hortons. Whenever a politician “meets and greets” at Tim Hortons he/she is campaigning.

People in the Prime Minister’s Office are saying that spring is a good time to go (for an election) and that it will be an ideal time for the Liberal Party to form a new government. What an outrage! Elections should serve Canadians so that they can give the popular party a mandate that is truly handed down by the people. In this case, as National Post columnist Andrew Coyne says, the Liberal Party is asking for a verdict before the trial. The ruling Liberal Party is sinking deeper and deeper within their scandal and Liberal strategists believe that an early election is the best way to stop the bleeding. Canadians deserve to know how deep the Liberal corruption goes before the Liberals ask them if they are deserving of another term.

We need fixed election dates in this country so that elections serve the people instead of the party in power.