New Conservative Ads

The Conservatives have launched their second barrage of ads this morning along the “Stephane Dion is not a leader” line.

This time, the Tories are focusing on Dion and the Senate and the obstructionist tactics that the Conservatives alledge the Liberals are using there. was also launched today by the Conservatives and it features the blog of Kyoto the dog. Kyoto’s site is sure to be one of best Liberal blogs. The site also features the ads that were released today.

On the main website, e-cards are featured and you can send your friends a flash animation of the Dion’s Senate tactics.

The ads have been launched to mark the dubious one year anniversary of Senate bill S-4, a bill to reduce the terms of senators to 8 years.

Conservatives, in the ads point out that senators can serve up to 45 years (until the age of 75).

Stephane Dion is on the record supporting limited Senate terms, however, he has been unable to get the bill passed by his own senators for one year now. Is Dion ineffective, or does he really favour the status quo.

Canadians have been interested in democratic reform, not the status quo and they’ve been interested in change for quite some time. The Liberals are obstructing legislation in the unelected, unaccountable Upper Chamber. Are the Liberals more interested in protecting entitlements instead of respecting the desire for reform?

Conservatives to release French ads today

I’ve been doing a bit of digging on the topic of Conservative french-language attack ads (since we all know they’re coming, and since the english-language versions were successful in English-Canada).

Will they attack Dion on his dismal environmental record (since it’s a big issue in Quebec)? Will they discuss Adscam Liberals being invited back into the party-fold?

I’m about 90% confident that the Tories will be making an announcement this morning detailing french-language ads to run in Quebec.

“Stéphane Dion n’est pas un lee-der”

UPDATE 1:02am: Upgrade to 99%. Just received word that Bernier’s running point on the presser mid-morning and that the ads will be “totally different” than the English ones (in footage of course, but in style too).

New PC Ontario ads

These ads were released today by the John Tory-led PC Party of Ontario. They are pure endorsement-style advertising where three spots feature three Ontarians singing the praises of John Tory as “a leader”.

First, the good…

The Ontario PC Party is cleverly pairing the “leader” theme with the federal Conservative “Dion is not a leader” advertising. In effect, they are piggy-backing on the success of the ads and the mindset already created for voters by the Dion ads. So, Dion isn’t a leader? John Tory comes in and fills the other half of the statement: “I’m a leader”.

The bad…

The ads are awfully boring and don’t hold the attention of the viewer. There is no hook. The ads are quiet and pensive in their delivery, however, it can come across as dead air. If these ads are to provoke feelings of trust and hope in a leader figure, some music behind the testimonials with some more black and white slides of Tory would help. Give me some french horns!

Here are the ads:




What do you think of the ads? Will they be effective? Do they reach out to the appropriate audience?