CBC vandalizes Wikipedia too

One of the stories raging in the Canadian blogosphere today is the Toronto Star’s Wikipedia edit of Rob Ford’s Wikipedia page linking readers to a parody site of the candidate for mayor of Toronto.

I decided to check up on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to see what sorts of edits their staff have made.

First, the IP address belongs to the CBC.

Further, what does a CBCer think of CTV’s Ben Mulroney, son of Fifth Estate star (and former PM) Brian Mulroney?


Rob Ford set to run for Toronto mayor

Yesterday I heard this Toronto municipal news tidbit from a source close to Rob Ford’s camp who says that the conservative city councilor is “definitely in” for a shot at taking over the mayor’s office, a post to be vacated by David Miller in the next year. Today, I called Ford himself and confirmed that he had a couple of items to address with his business before he gets going on the campaign and that he plans to announce in March.

Those close to Ford say that he is building an organization and gathering the money needed to make a top tier shot at Toronto’s top job.

Ford won the #2 Etobicoke North ward with 66% of the vote during the last municipal election. Ford supporters that are concerned that the popular candidate is vacating a conservative seat on council may be relieved to hear that Ford’s brother plans on running in his place.

UPDATE: Ford is now denying the story. I should say that I spoke to him on his cell phone (last four digits: 2146) because I wanted to confirm it with the man himself. I had heard the rumour yesterday and sought to exercise due diligence by confirming it with Ford before running with the story. I told Ford exactly who I was and that I generally cover federal politics but was chasing down a municipal rumour. He told me in no uncertain terms that he’s looking to wrap up a few outstanding issues with his business (with clients in New Jersey, no less) and is looking to make the announcement in March. Excited by the scoop I thanked him and even told him that he’d probably be getting a few calls after I posted the story.