2004 Leadership race: fundraiser breakdown

The numbers are out on the fundraising front for the CPC 2004 leadership election. The documents have been released (h/t BBS) and there are some interesting numbers from the “returns” of the Harper, Stronach, and Clement campaigns.

First, the total expenses of each campaign:
Tony Clement: $826,807
Stephen Harper: $2,073,084
Belinda Stronach: $2,496,482

and now, some interesting numbers from the returns.

Belinda Stronach contributed $3,950,000 of her own money towards her own campaign. Tony Clement, while contributing $0 of his own money, $3,000 was contributed by his family. The Harper family (or at least people named Harper) contributed $3,525.

Power Corp donated $25,000 to each of the three campaigns. EnCana did the same.

John Tory donated to $8,600 to Tony Clement’s campaign.

Belinda Stronach gave $100,000 to Tony Clement’s campaign, while Stephen Harper’s campaign gave $10,000 to Mr. Clement’s leadership bid. Everyone loves Tony…

Stronach did not have any financial support from any member (on quick glance) of the Conservative caucus (House of Commons), while Harper enjoyed wide support through many MPs (or through MPs spouses).