The Liberal leadership show will span two weekends

I’ve learned that the upcoming leadership process will span two weekends instead of one. In contrast with the NDP process which selected Thomas Mulcair over one weekend in Toronto, Liberals will congregate for one convention weekend to hear candidate speeches and will vote and hear results during the subsequent weekend. According to the logic conveyed to me today, the Liberals want to avoid a situation whereby 80% of the party’s supporters have voted by the time any candidate has made their final pitch. The voting irregularities of the NDP contest only compounded the chaos of the limited time schedule of their leadership convention.

On the second weekend, the Liberal Party envisions that candidates may vote in the ridings of their choosing but will congregate at a centralized location for the announcement of results.

Also, regarding Hall-Finley’s debt and ability to accumulate future debt, I’m told that there’s no provision in law or by any Liberal rule that prevents her from seeking the Liberal leadership.

Regarding the money details, Jane Taber has some interesting information on how the upcoming federal Liberal leadership race will be governed.

In particular, a debt ceiling of $75,000 for candidates will be instituted to prevent a recurrence of previous troubles of leadership candidates still paying off debts now 6 years after the previous contested Liberal leadership election. Martha Hall Finley, is still grappling with more than $45,000 of debt from her ill-fated run for the Grit’s top job in 2006.