Dion launch faces carbon tax protest

Yesterday, the election campaign began and Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s campaign launch was held in Ottawa at the Billings Estate, a city of Ottawa operated property in the middle of Ottawa.

Organizers were expecting about 1000 people (about 100 from each Ottawa area riding) but only turned out about 300 according to Kady.

The Ontario Landowners association turned up to protest the event and proceeded up Riverside to Cabott, the small residential street which is the only road to the venue.  The Landowners where protesting Dion’s carbon tax in favour of more property rights.

Liberals formed a human wall at the gates of Billings Estate to block the Landowners from accessing the event, held on public land.

Liberal wall blocking path to the Billings Estate

Farmers vs. Liberals

Liberals greet landowners

Stephane Dion

Landowners protest Dion’s carbon tax

The Landowners

More landowners