Garth sneak-peek

Garth is holding a press conference tomorrow and the Parliamentary Press Gallery is predictably excited for what Garth might say.

Will he go Green?
Will he sit as an Independent?
Will he sit as a “Progressive Conservative”?
Is this all because he still wants to be PM one day?

Garth will likely provide the answers to 10 questions that his board of directors asked to the Conservative Party. Well, the twenty-four member board received their answers and here they are (in a general sense):

1. [Has Garth] been suspended or expelled from caucus?

2. Is it definite or indefinite?

3. What was the reason?
Garth has been provided with the reasons.

4. Will [Garth] be formally notified (of the suspension)?
No such formal process. Garth was at the Ontario caucus when the decision was rendered. Garth did not attend the National Caucus where it was ratified.

5. What evidence will the board get to justify [Garth’s] ouster?
None. This is an internal caucus matter.

6. Are there conditions for reentry into caucus?
Garth would have to approach caucus.

7. [Is Garth] still the nominated Conservative candidate (for Halton)?

8. Is [Garth’s] membership (with the Conservative Party of Canada) still valid?

9. If [Garth is] stripped of [his] nomination can [he] seek it again?
Not right now.

10. Is [Garth’s] suspension or expulsion a directive of the national party?

The board received these answers in two letters from Don Plett and Rahim Jaffer.

It appears that the Halton Conservative EDA must have a nomination meeting soon since Garth Turner is no longer their candidate. At this time, it appears that Garth is not welcome to seek that nomination.