Breaking News from the Liberal Party

We interrupt news and views of the Liberal Party of Canada leadership campaign (and the trainwreck of a continuous news release that is Joe Volpe taking money from kids and membership applications from the dead) to inform you of the following news.

Alfonso Gagliano is not a member of the Liberal Party of Canada – LPC(Q)

September 23, 2006
MONTREAL – The Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) reaffirms that Mr. Alfonso Gagliano is not registered on the list of members in good standing of the party.

Indeed, Mr. Gagliano has tried to register online on the national Website of the party and may have received an automated message acknowledging the receipt of his request. The latter, however, still had to be approved by the provincial wing of the party.

As such, the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) confirms that Mr. Gagliano’s request has been refused.

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What a bizarre thing for the Liberal Party to publicize on their website.