A special quote for this special Friday

In 1937, Tommy Douglas said the following before Parliament:

“Against whom are we arming? What potential aggressor is more aggressive today? Oh, I know that bogeymen have been trotted out in
this chamber. It has been suggested that it might be Italy, it might
be Germany, it might be Japan.”

Today, Afghan President Hamid Karzai will address the members of the 39th session of our Canadian Parliament as the world faces a new brand of fascism entrenched in the mountains, caves and fanatical minds of his country. Afghanistan seeks its freedom from those that would forbid girls from attending schools, women from holding public office and all citizens from enjoying liberty. As Prime Minister Harper outlined to the UN General Assembly yesterday in New York, the world must stand together in common purpose against terror and fascism for it is the mutual need for security of member states which saw the formation of the international body.

Some say that those that are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it. Canada welcomes President Karzai and his request to rout out tyranny in his country. Thankfully, the Canadian government will continue to answer the call wherever it beckons. Some, however, seemed committed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

Additional context (an update): I presented a quote from Douglas from 1937 (two years before the outbreak of war). Like everyone else in Canada at the time, Douglas eventually did come around by the beginning of the WWII (good for him). Not only that, he helped MacKenzie King pass the draft helping the allies defeat the axis powers. While Tommy Douglas was originally mistaken about the fascist threat, he certainly came on-side when it counted. Jack, however, seems committed to repeat Tommy Douglas’ original mistake and ignore the lesson learned by the CCF parliamentarian.