The NDP on democratic reform

Just don’t call them “republican”:

WHEREAS Queen Elizabeth II was not born nor has ever lived in Canada; and
WHEREAS in fact, the actual democratically elected Chief of state, Canadian citizen and residing in Canada, is the Prime Minister of Canada; and
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NDP conduct an active campaign so that Canada becomes a Republic; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NDP conduct an active campaign to redefine the role of the Executive within the Canadian Constitution.


And their names were Jack and Olivia:

WHEREAS the small proportion of women in the House of Commons reflects the inequality of women in society and political parties have to date been unable to provide a means or mechanism to resolve the gross inequality of representation; and
WHEREAS gender balance achieved by having an equal number of men and women would provide greater democracy and lead to policies and laws which would remove barriers to
equality of men and women in society;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the New Democratic Party of Canada supports the principle of representation by two members per constituency, one woman and one man.


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UPDATE: CP picks up the story. From the Montreal Gazette:

OTTAWA — Quebec members of the NDP hope to win the hearts of francophones by proposing that Canada become a republic and by adopting a conciliatory tone with sovereigntists.
They are two resolutions that will be put forward at the 22nd biennial New Democratic convention, which begins Friday in Quebec City.

The party hasn’t yet released the motions that will be debated at the national convention, but conservative blogger Stephen Taylor obtained and released them Tuesday on his website.

The motion that risks being most controversial would see the NDP lead an active campaign to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state.

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