Get your NDP draft policies here!

I received both a telephone call and an email from two Quebec-based journalists who followed my reporting of the NDP draft policy document on foreign policy. Both journalists independently told me that the NDP is keeping the rest of their draft policy under wraps until the weekend.

Unfortunately for the Dippers, I’ve got what the NDP is so eager to keep secret and away from media scrutiny; I’ve got the other sections of the NDP draft policy document.

Here are the rest of the policy documents that I have. If you write about them in an newspaper article, reference them in a television report, or discuss them in a blog post, I ask that you cite this blog as the source.

NDP Resolutions part 2
NDP Resolutions part 3
NDP Resolutions part 4
NDP Resolutions part 5
NDP Resolutions part 6
NDP Resolutions part 7