The Marketplace

Yesterday, I was surfing through the pages of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. von Mises was an economist who was a very influential intellectual and advocated for the implementation and sustainment of free markets. You can watch a great documentary on the man here.

I found this page, which sells t-shirts featuring the “Champions of Liberty” featuring Aristotle, Frédéric Bastiat, Albert Jay Nock, Jean-Baptiste Say and Anne Robert Jacques Turgot.

I just had to laugh. Here’s a website for a libertarian free-market economic institute selling t-shirts featuring the “Champions of Liberty” as if to break into the dead icon t-shirt market itself (the one that is dominated by the sales of millions of Che shirts).

However, one truth emerged. While the t-shirt market may demand Che Guevara, the marketplace of ideas has favoured these “Champions of Liberty”. In both cases, the free-market has won!

¡Viva el capitalismo!