Getting action from the CBC: Summary data

I’ve got some data on the Christina Lawand scandal from my source inside the CBC.

First, some background: The original CBC Lawand exposé has been viewed over 13,000 times and the statement of regret has been viewed over 6000 times.

My source at the CBC forwards the internal memo on the Lawand Affair:

Christina Lawand’s report (Harper press conference) August 4th: CBC was accused of political bias in all emails; many called for disciplinary action up to and including firing Christina Lawand and
everyone remotely connected to the production of the story in
question. (x 118)

That means that 118 people wrote emails along the theme outlined in the memo above. I’m told that letters are still coming in. My source tells me that it is the most complaints that they have ever received regarding the work done by a reporter.

Here’s the ombudsman’s email address: