Ladies and Gentlemen, the CBC

Take a look at this offering (video below) from our state-run, taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcast Corporation. The only part that shocked me, and it really is sad that most of this doesn’t come as shocking from the CBC or from our Liberal/NDP politicians, is that there’s a clip of Mulroney saying “the Americans are a bunch of bastards”. Of course, with a little more research, by Googling ‘mulroney bastards americans’, one finds this article from the Toronto Star which contains:

“We are not a neutral nation,” [Mulroney] insisted. “We are a nation that believes in freedom and democracy and has defined it all of this time.”

The Liberals once criticized Mulroney for having an overly cozy relationship with then-president Ronald Reagan. Now he’s accusing Chretien of doing just the opposite.

“The poison of anti-Americanism is more prevalent in the Liberal caucus today, or the Liberal government today, probably than at any time in our history.”

He pointed to a number of recent incidents — the then-communications director to Chretien who told a reporter that Bush is “a moron,” a Liberal MP who called Americans “bastards,” and a minister who said the president has failed to act like a statesman.

So, they manipulated a clip of Mulroney which likely clipped off “Senior members of the Liberal Party are saying that…” before “the Americans are a bunch of bastards”. They did this to imply some kind of wishful consensus Canadian opinion (Liberal and Tory) that the Americans are a bunch of “morons” and “bastards”. Creative editing anyone?

Watch this short CBC clip that documents anti-americanism while being blatantly anti-american!

What are your favourite moments from the CBC’s clip?

My favourite moment was when CBC-endorsed producers made it clear to their audience that they sit on only one side of the political debate.

Also, watch for the funky music behind 9/11 footage, Colin Powell’s “inner monologue”, editorializing on the Iraq war: “moron, moron, moron”, WMD!, Stephen Harper hack job, Rumsfeld describing shooting people, Paul Martin saying that he’ll play golf with anyone, even he-that-cannot-be-named George W. Bush.

UPDATE: For those of you who want the source of the video I found it here on CBC’s featured page on Google Video. The clip is titled ZeD: Whack a Moron and was chosen by the CBC to be featured on Google’s video page.