Podcast with Paul Wells

Today I had the opportunity to chat with Maclean’s senior columnist Paul Wells. I’ve been a fan of Wells since he wrote for the National Post. We chat about a variety of topics including his upcoming book “Right Side Up” which picks up on the theme of his 30,000 word Maclean’s election special. Other topics discussed include the Liberal leadership race (with some interesting new facts about the Ignatieff/Rae relationship), the Parliamentary Press Gallery fight and Stephen Harper’s potential future disasters. My memory recorder crapped out about 10 minutes into the interview (the Danielle Smith interview was still hogging much needed flash memory) so an enjoyable discussion about Joe Volpe, the Conservative election strategy and blogs was cut out. But, we were able to start the interview again to talk about some other interesting topics. I hope that you enjoy the discussion.

The podcast is available as an MP3 file below. Or you can access the interview using Blogging Tories Television on the left sidebar, or on the finer blogs that host BT-TV.

Stephen Taylor interviews Paul Wells — 24:18 — (.MP3)