Speech from the Throne – a preview

From a variety of sources, I’ve pieced together a few themes about today’s speech from the throne which is set to occur in just under an hour.

I’ve learned that the speech will be very short, just about 30 minutes in length. The Conservative government wants to emphasize a very focused vision for Canada. This seems to contrast with what people often criticized in Paul Martin’s leadership.

The speech will be about ‘turning a new leaf’ which indicates this government’s desire to bring change.

The GG will outline the Conservative vision for Canada which will focus on ordinary ‘working Canadians’. The speech will also introduce the new government to Canadians.

Of course, the main content of the speech will focus on Harper’s five priorities:

  • Bringing accountability back to Ottawa
  • Helping ordinary Canadians and their families
  • Tackling crime
  • Providing child care choice and support
  • Ensuring Canadians get the health care they have paid for

The throne speech will also have a special nod to Quebec emphasizing that the government will deliver on promises made during the election campaign in that province.

The speech will not outline a big hand-waving emphatic vision for Canada, it will instead indicate to Canadians that the governement is ready to ‘get down to business’ and start working hard for Canadians.

UPDATE: The throne speech may include an apology for the Chinese Head Tax.

UPDATE (now after the speech): David Akin has a PDF of the speech.

UPDATE: It appears that the key Liberal response to the speech is that “it was too short”. I guess that’s how throne speeches go when you cut out all the “very very importants”. Remember, Paul Martin had 56 #1 priorities.