The Speaker’s Election

1:16pm: Bill Blaikie calls for order. I assume that he’s looking over the proceedings because he’s the most senior member.
1:18pm: Blaikie casts the last ballot.
1:44pm: The bells have started (5 minutes until the first ballot results are revealed)
1:48pm: Blaikie calls for order.
1:49pm: Peter Milliken has been elected Speaker over Diane Marleau and Marcel Proulx (first ballot).
1:50pm: Milliken is escorted to the Speaker’s chair by the PM and the Leader of the Opposition.
1:51pm: Milliken thanks his constituents and his electors.
1:54pm: Prime Minister Harper rises to speak. Offers his congratulations to Milliken.
1:57pm: Bill Graham rises to speak. Congratulates Milliken and Marleau and Proulx. Graham calls for ordered and dignified behaviour in the House.
1:59pm: Duceppe rises to speak. Congratulates Milliken, thanks other candidates.
2:01pm: Layton rises to speak. Congratulates Milliken, takes the opportunity to point out that his caucus is now bigger. Thanks Blaikie for overseeing the proceedures. Thanks the other candidates. Calls Milliken a person of integrity. Cites Ed Broadbent, calls on everyone to have more civil discussion. Calls for democratic debate (what are you getting at there, Jack?). Layton forgets to invoke Tommy Douglas and ‘working families’ this time…
2:06pm: Milliken announces the memo that the GG will arrive at Parliament tomorrow at 3pm to open the 39th session of Parliament.
2:07pm: Milliken adjourns the House.