Today is day 2 at CPAC in Washington DC. It’s been quite a successful conference so far and I’ve met a lot of great people. Making the trip down to Washington however wasn’t as smooth. Yesterday, our Air Canada flight was delayed 2 hours in Toronto because of “mechanical problems”. They kept delaying the flight every 15 minutes and we suspect that they were only trying to merge two flights into one to save some money. The flight was enjoyable as well and we landed in DC and made our way to the conference/hotel immediately. While on the road to the hotel, Marine One flew over our cab not more than 75 feet above!

Day one involved a lot of wandering around from exhibit to exbibit and from talk to talk. I went to a seminar on blogging hosted by US Conservative superstar blogger Lashawn Barber. Lashawn details american blogging milestones in the general milestone sense but I was happy to see her make a mention of Captain Ed’s Adscam coverage later in her talk. After her seminar we chatted for a while and I filled her in on the rest of the Canadian blogstory thus far. We’ve planned to do a podcast sometime in the future.

I’ve bumped into a few fellow Blogging Tories at CPAC, specifically the lovely ladies of North American Patriot and Girl on the Right, who are also fellow bloggers at the Shotgun.

There are a lot of interesting exhibitors here including our old friends from Bureaucrash, brilliant third party grassroots support groups and even an interactive full flight similator of an F22 Raptor.

Day two involved being a tourist in DC as our crew saw the sights and made the walk from the Capitol building to the White House. Tonight, I’m attending a dinner where US Ambassor to the UN John Bolton will give a speech and our Canadian contingent will likely be going out for drinks with some of our new American friends. How diplomatic!