Things learned so far this morning

Michaelle Jean, the Governor General, takes the actual reins of power in the hour between Martin’s resignation and Harper’s swearing-in.

Gary Lunn took a taxi to Rideau Hall.

Gary Lunn will be a cabinet minister.

Monte Solberg will be in cabinet. CTV’s David Akin sent a bit of uncertainty last night in his sourced speculation that Solberg might be left out. Good thing that it was just a rumour.

Saskatchewan’s Carol Skelton and BC’s Stockwell Day will make it into cabinet.

(Former) Liberal David Emerson is in cabinet?

Tony Clement, who squeeked by with a narrow margin, will be in cabinet.

John Baird and Jean Pierre Blackburn will be in cabinet.

Bev Oda has just arrived at Rideau Hall. Marjorie Lebreton will lead the Government in the Senate. Chuck Strahl has arrived at the GG’s residence. Peter MacKay has made his way to Rideau Hall.

Conservative MPs are arriving in luxury taxis.

David Emerson has crossed the floor to the Conservatives and has given the Conservatives one of those ‘urban’ seats in Vancouver. In one of my podcasts late last year, fellow BC MP James Moore noted Emerson as one of the MPs from other parties that he highly respects. Tim Powers has credited James Rajotte as building bridges with Emerson and likely had a significant role in bringing Emerson over to the Conservatives.

It appears that Emerson’s position has taken away a cabinet seat from James Moore. This is unfortunate.

Rona Ambrose has just arrived at Rideau Hall. She’ll likely be Intergovernmental Affairs Minister.

Rumours swirling that Harper will appoint a Senator from Montreal to add that city into the cabinet.

Stephen Harper arrived at Rideau Hall with his family in a minivan.