The Cabinet

Stephen Harper – Prime Minister

Michel Fortier – Public Works and Government Services
Monte Solberg – Citizenship and Immigration
David Emerson – International Trade
Peter MacKay – Foreign Affairs and ACOA
Gordon O’Connor – Defence
Jim Flaherty – Finance
John Baird – Treasury Board
Lawrence Cannon – Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
Jim Prentice – Indian Affairs
Vic Toews – Justice
Maxime Bernier – Industry
Stockwell Day – Public Safety
Tony Clement – Health
Rob Nicholson – Democratic Reform
Jean-Pierre Blackburn – Labour
Greg Thompson – Veterans Affairs
Marjorie LeBreton – Government leader in the Senate
Chuck Strahl – Agriculture
Gary Lunn – Natural Resources
Loyola Hearn – Fisheries
Carol Skelton – Revenue
Rona Ambrose – Environment
Michael Chong – President of the Queen’s Privy Council, Intergovernmental Affairs, Sport
Diane Finley – Human Resources
Bev Oda – Heritage
Josée Verner – International Cooperation