Blogging Tories television

I added a new feature to Blogging Tories this weekend called “Blogging Tories Television” or BT-TV.

It is perhaps the most interesting (and fun) feature that I’ve implemented into the site so far. You can go to Blogging Tories now and watch various videos from Stephen Harper’s acceptance speech to John MacCallum’s attempt to justify David Dingwall’s severance.

The best news of all is that anyone can participate and the bandwidth is free! Google, in their march to take over the Internet, has provided free, flash video based hosting of any virtually any video that you’d like to upload (there are community standards of course). Google then converts your video (from avi, wmv, mpg, mov etc) to a flash video file and then provides a plug-in to put on your website.

However, at Blogging Tories, we’ve taken this a few steps further. If you’ve made a video that you’d like to include in Blogging Tories, email the Google Video URL to me and I’ll put it into the Blogging Tories Television “channel changer” that I’ve integrated into the site.

Some Blogging Tories have already gotten into the video production game including BBS, ProudtobeCanadian, PomoChristian, Brent Colbert, Conservative Life and MP-elect Mike Wallace.

It’s easier than you think. For example, I use:
Windows Movie Maker (comes with XP)
Google Video Uploader

another Blogging Tories original…