Cabinet predictions

I’m going to take a shot at predicting PM-elect Stephen Harper’s cabinet. The following is partly an indication of what I think should happen and partly what I believe will happen.

*Prime Minister – Stephen Harper
*Deputy PM – Lawrence Cannon
Justice and Emergency Preparedness – Peter MacKay
*Foreign Affairs – Monte Solberg
*Defence – Gordon O’Connor
Transport – James Moore
Finance – Jim Flaherty
Revenue – Garth Turner
Intergovernmental Affairs – Rona Ambrose
Environment – Bob Mills
Indian Affairs – Jim Prentice
International Trade – Maxime Bernier
*Fisheries – Loyola Hearn
*Leader of the Government (HoC) – Jay Hill
Health – Tony Clement
Heritage – Bev Oda
*Veterens Affairs – Laurie Hawn
Leader of the Government (Senate) – Hugh Segal Marjorie Lebreton
Agriculture – Gerry Ritz
President of the Treasury Board – Jason Kenney
*Minister of the Econ. Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Minister responsible for the Francophonie – Josee Verner
ACOA – Gerald Keddy
Human Resources – John Baird
Attorney General – Vic Toews
Industry – Rob Nicholson
Democratic Reform – Scott Reid
Sport – Gary Goodyear
Internal Trade – Christian Paradis
North American relations – Stockwell Day
*Immigration – Diane Ablonczy

Speaker – Chuck Strahl

(*) Indicates my most confident predictions.

Agree/Disagree? Do you have any additions (I’ve skipped a few ministries) Put your suggestions/corrections in the comments.