Conservatives breaking through in Quebec. Lib cabmins in trouble.

According to a new poll in La Presse to hit doorsteps later this morning, Conservatives are making a significant breakthrough in Quebec, while Liberal cabinet ministers are advised to update their resumes.

La Presse describes the results of eight polls done in La Belle Province between January 11th and 15th.

Each poll questioned 300 people giving a margin of error of 6%.

Liberal Minister of Heritage Liza Frulla is neck and neck with her Bloc adversary as the two split the electorate 34-33% respectively.

Lapierre is up by only 3 percent on Bloc competitor Jacques Léonard.

Pettigrew on the other hand is waaay behind the Bloc candidate as the Minister of Foreign Affairs has 27% while Vivian Bardot of the Bloc has 42%.

And now the Conservative news.

Conservative candidate Maxime Bernier is running in the Quebec riding of Beauce and sits at 57% and should take the riding while the Bloc candidate is running far behind at 28%.

In Louis-St-Laurent, Josée Vernier looks like she’s finally poised to be a Conservative MP as she leads the Bloc candidate with a staggering 59%.

In the Quebec riding Pontiac, Conservative star candidate Lawrence Cannon is only one point shy of the Bloc.