Scott Reid blowing our money on…

Scott Reid is probably the highest of top-level advisors to our Prime Minister. On Sunday morning, he complained that parents should not be able to get any money from the government (under the Conservative plan) because parents can’t be trusted to spend it on things that their children might need.

“Don’t give people $25 a day to blow on beer and popcorn.” — Scott Reid, spokesman for Prime Minister Paul Martin

Taxpayer money being blown on beer and popcorn? How irresponsible! The Liberals mindset has been exposed as they believe that people cannot be trusted with their own money.

Scott Reid shouldn’t be so quick to criticize. While he doesn’t trust parents to buy diapers, books and toys for their own kids, we can trust him with our own money can’t we?

Let’s take a look at Scott Reid’s hospitality expenses for 2005 (Jan 1 – Jun 15)…

New Year’s “Dinner meeting” at D’Arcy McGee’s: $22.71
January 3rd “Dinner Meeting” at Heart & Crown: $33.13
January 10th “Dinner Meeting” at Lieutenant’s Pump: $33.10
February 1st “Dinner Meeting” at The Works: $53.00
February 4th “Dinner Meeting” at Royal Oak: $93.70
February 8th “Dinner Meeting” at Brixton’s British Pub: $28.39
February 10th “Dinner Meeting” at Honest Lawyer: $24.61
February 15th “Dinner Meeting” at Liam Maguire’s: $56.79
February 17th “Dinner Meeting” at The Manx Pub: $128.71
February 18th “Dinner Meeting” at Von’s: $66.25
February 18th “Refreshments for meeting” at Darcy McGee’s: $30.29
February 21st “Refreshments for meeting” at Brixtons Bar: $9.94
February 21st “Dinner Meeting” at Celtic Cross Pub: $42.59
February 21st “Refreshments for meeting” at Brixtons Bar: $4.97
February 22nd “Breakfast meeting” at Wilfrid’s Restaurant (Chateau Laurier): $60.57
February 22nd “Dinner meeting” at Brixton’s British Pub: $42.59
February 25th “Dinner meeting” at Darcy McGee’s: $34.07
March 2nd “Dinner meeting” at Luxe Bistro: $194.02
March 5th “Lunch meeting” at Royal Oak: $28.39
April 2nd “Breakfast meeting” at The Mayflower: $12.16
April 12th “Dinner meeting” at Angelo’s Pub and Pizza: $33.13
April 14th “Dinner meeting” at E and C (Elephant and Castle): $70.98
April 27th “Breakfast meeting” at Barristers Restaurant: $14.20
May 18th “Dinner meeting” at Honest Lawyer: $53.00
May 19th “Dinner meeting” at Suite 34: $26.50(Belinda defection dance party?)
May 25th “Refreshments for meeting” at Cock & Lion: $9.93
May 25th “Dinner meeting” at The Works: $43.54
May 25th “Breakfast meeting” at Barrister’s Restaurant: $11.93
May 26th “Breakfast meeting” at Barrister’s Restaurant: $19.87
May 28th “Dinner meeting” at Lone Star Cafe: $38.32
June 3rd “Breakfast meeting” at Barrister’s Restaurant: $14.76
June 15th “Breakfast meeting” at Barrister’s Restaurant: $16.09

Those are a lot of pub bills. Granted, probably not too much popcorn was consumed on taxpayer money, but I do know that they serve beer at a lot of these pubs. These records don’t specify what was purchased, but “refreshments for meeting” helps us guess. Furthermore, pubs make up the majority of Scott Reid’s hospitality expenses.

Shame on Scott Reid for suggesting that parents would blow their own money on beer and popcorn when Scott Reid is certainly spending lots of taxpayer cash on um… whatever you buy at pubs.