Income Trusts: Suspicious activity prior to Goodale’s announcement

Thanks to Blogging Tories MK Braaten for leading this effort, and Angry for providing some other research. Everybody is invited to contribute to the story of course. Post any new data that you find.

So, prior to the Goodale announcement on November 23rd at 6:00pm, it is alleged that a few people received advance word of either the details of finance minister’s announcement or just that he was going to make one. What follows are volume graphs that I made of the most acutely traded income trusts prior to Goodale’s announcement. The volume of the trading is listed as “unusual” on

Click each of the following graphs to enlarge.

acs.jpg granby.jpg

keystone.jpg medisys.jpg

richards.jpg specialty-foods.jpg

sun-gro.jpg superior-plus.jpg


Homework assignment: Find insider connections (if any) between these income trusts and the Liberal power structure.