Kyoto Hypocrisy

What could be more hypocritical than Paul Martin standing up to give a speech at an international conference on global warming when Canada has done nothing to try to meet the first-phase of Kyoto’s targets?

How about Paul Martin using his old and decrepit gas guzzling jet to rush back to Montreal two days later to get some photos with Bill Clinton for a campaign endorsement?

Paul Martin burned 4,879 litres per hour to get there and back and while he was there he had a ‘bilateral visit’ with a former US president. Of course, if Paul Martin wants to call it a ‘bilateral’ meeting (and announce it on instead of we know that our brave PM has also had ‘bilateral’ visits with the likes of other non-world leaders such as Bono.

Paul Martin has done little to cut our emissions and to live up to our Kyoto commitments. He has failed in his relations with the current US leadership. Canada used to have leverage for change among our friends, now Paul Martin needs to cover up such erosion in our international influence by meeting with such pseudo-brokers of change like Bill Clinton and Bono.

This is simply crass campaigning by the leader of the Liberal party.