Breaking: London. New tube and bus incidents

Developing: CNN and ITV are reporting that tube lines are closed in london after 3 similar and simultaneous incidents.

Update: A bus has been evacuated.

Update: Doesn’t seem to be as bad as 7/7. One casualty reported. Three devices detonated by bomb squad.

Latest information:
Effected stations: Warren Street, Shepherd’s Bush and Oval stations
Effected bus: Number 26 on Hackney road

Update: London has taken their online traffic cams down. The cams are “unavailable for operational reasons”.

Update 9:29am: Tony Blair to address at 10am.

Update 9:36am: Armed police dispatched to University College Hospital

Watch live: BBC Video

Update 10:35am: New media on the scene:
Warren Street station photos
Oval Station (photo)