Detroit and Quebec on my mind

On this Saturday afternoon, I find myself among scientists and colleagues in the Motor City. I’m here at a conference participating in science-related stuff (and I’m doing the tourist thing too). We’ve been put up in a fairly swanky hotel (for grad students) and we’re taking full advantage of our per diems too.

I expect that blogging should be light during the extended weekend, depending on what Detroit has to offer. If it lives up to its billing, I’ll be blogging a lot. And, if I’m actually surprised by the charm of the city, posts may be intermittent but might even find themselves part of a sort-of mini tourist blog. However, I’m here to, uh, do lots of work and present the lab’s scientific poster and research, so blogging should be sparse.

I’m a day late on this but I’d also like to wish a belated “happy St. Jean Baptiste day” to my friends in Quebec and in the rest of Canada. Quebecois Blogging Tories also wish everyone a happy St-Jean Baptiste day and do it better than I could hope to accomplish. We accept the Quebec question as a sort of national past-time, however, in Quebec it is their obsession.

Qu’est-ce qu’on veut, au juste?

Moi, si j’étais Charest, je ferais comme Lucien Bouchard: “Adios amigos, et démerdez-vous avec vos contradictions. Elisez un gouvernement de gauche, puis plaignez-vous que l’Etat occupe trop de place. Ou élisez le PQ, et votez contre l’indépendance. Bref, amusez-vous… Moi, je vais jouer au golf.”