Mr. Kilgour: Always important to know who your friends are…

Mr. Kilgour shouldn’t think that he’s among friends in the Liberal Party. Those Grits sure can be mean to their own, or former own, especially when it serves their special interests or they feel slighted.

David Kilgour left the Liberals because of their institutionalized corruption. Today Paul Martin Liberals are doing everything they can think of to entice him back to vote with the government on motion(s) of non-confidence.

However, they weren’t that pleased with him, not all that long ago. One of my Conservative insiders tells me that senior Liberal staffers were burning Kilgour and tarnishing his reputation.

While Kilgour deserves much credit for getting Prime Ditherer Paul Martin to pay attention to the crisis in Sudan, senior Liberals previously ratted out Kilgour to the Conservative Party concerning what they called Kilgour’s ‘other adventures in Africa’. In fact, senior Liberals claim that the PMO was called in to clean up the mess.

This information came to the Conservatives before the Liberals desperately needed Kilgour’s vote to support the survival of their corrupt government and before he quit the party. Some Liberals ratted on Kilgour when he was one of their own! Now they depend on the Honourable member’s vote. Mr. Kilgour should know that his “friends” in the Liberal party attempted to destroy his reputation.

Politics does make for strange bed fellows!

UPDATE: Just saw David Kilgour on CBC’s The Hour. Kilgour always appears to me as a nice guy and a genuine MP who believes in his issues. This makes me less likely to believe the Liberal slander.