Layton endorses more powers for the “Quebec nation”

Uh oh…

Mustachioed leader of the NDP Jack Layton is trying to appeal to Quebeckers again, by selling out Canadian unity. Layton wants to redefine Canadian federalism and endorses a combination of “Quebec’s national character” and the “federal Canadian state”.

We’ve heard of creative solutions such as the Belgium approach to federalism, but Layton is sure to scare many in Canada with his talk of the “Quebec nation”.

Does Layton believe that he’ll pick up seats in Quebec, in competition with the left-wing separatists, when he himself starts speaking in their political language?

While Quebec should have more autonomy to make its own decisions, use of the term “nation” is misplaced.

“I know that the Quebec wing is in the middle of adopting an interesting proposition on the place of the Quebec nation in an asymmetric, co-operative and flexible Canada” — Jack Layton

Is this the Clarity flub redux?

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