Chuck Guite and Paul Coffin publication ban

The testimony of Chuck Guite is coming up later this week. Paul Coffin is also set to testify.

The Gomery commission has covered both testimonies with a similar publication ban to protect a potential jury pool from becoming biased prior to the eventual trials of Chuck Guite and Paul Coffin. Will Captain’s Quarters have coverage of this secret testimony of Chuck Guite and/or that of Paul Coffin? I still find it ironic that an American blog has more freedom to inform Canadians on the details of the corruption of our own democracy than do mainstream media outlets.

Will the Gomery inquiry lift the publication ban on Chuck Guite’s secret testimony or that of Paul Coffin once it is inevitably leaked on the American blog? Gomery decided to lift the publication ban on Jean Brault’s testimony shortly after it hit the blogosphere.