Publication ban to be removed today?

The publication ban on the testimony of Jean Brault may come to an end today and the full testimony will be posted here as soon as it is available (and as soon as I’m available to post it). Lawyers are currently arguing for and against the dissolution of the ban. When this information comes, Parliament could see the introduction of a non-confidence motion and we could see an election campaign very soon.

For now, let me bookend the testimony.

March 30th

GOMERY: Thank you very much. I think now that Mr. Brault is going to come into the room and in order to give the camera people an opportunity of taking a picture of him, which is going to be their last attempt to capture his image, I will withdraw for a minute or two and then we will proceed with his examination.


April 4th

ROY : Alors, avant de reprendre le fil du témoignage de Monsieur Brault, vous avez devant vous ce matin une demande faite par le Parti libéral du Canada qui est représenté par Me Doug Mitchell aux fins de la présentation de la requête.

Cette requête a été transmise hier après-midi par le procureur du requérant qui m’avait informé plus tôt vendredi et samedi qu’il était de son intention de faire une demande devant vous ce matin…

Prior to the media blackout we see Judge Gomery anticipating the arrival of Jean Brault. After the Brault testimony we see the Liberal party scrambling to contain the fallout by requesting full standing at the inquiry.